Is an air purifier needed to have sleep mode?

Peaceful for a wonderful sleep

Most of us know that smooth, uninterrupted sleep is the foundation of a healthy and happy life. Proper rest is essential for balancing physical and mental health. Studies have even shown that people who usually practice to have good sleep habits can often live longer.

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So how to have better sleep? Is an air purifier essential to have a sleep mode?

1. The relationship between sleep quality and air quality

You may be aware of the importance of sleep for your health, but do you know the link between sleep quality and air quality?

The relationship between sleep quality and air quality

A recent study shows that a room with poor air circulation and higher air pollution levels harms sleep. In particular, Almost all the bedrooms will contain many allergens such as dust mites, pet dander, mold, and other bacteria… Any of the above substances can cause respiratory irritation leading to flickering sleep.

The relationship between sleep quality and air quality

One way to improve your bedroom’s air quality while resting is to use an air purifier. Many of the best air purifiers are equipped with “sleep mode.” The Sleep mode allows you to improve the air quality in the bedroom while preventing factors that adversely affect your resting experience.

How does the Sleep mode work, and is it really effective? Here are some insights to help you understand what air purifiers will provide for sleep.

2. Do air purifiers improve sleep with Sleep mode?

After going through the Covid-19 pandemic, the quality of the environment inside our homes has never become more important. Back to the “New Normal,” we face much new stress and fatigue after a working day. That makes “a good night’s sleep” much more important to our health and well-being.

Indoor air quality plays an essential role in sleep. Research about sleep tells us that irregular breathing and changes in body temperature are the two biggest reasons why we wake up frequently at night.

We leave the house early in the morning, work/ go to school from our house, and come back home with dirt from outside. Our homes welcome more visitors; polluted air in the neighborhood enters the house when the windows are opened. We use more electrical appliances in our homes and consume more electricity and gas… All of these can lead to an increase in indoor air pollutants and allergens.

Do air purifiers improve sleep with Sleep mode?

Have you ever had a mild headache or a runny nose waking up? The culprit for these symptoms may be caused by the number of airborne particles and allergens flying around your bed.

Additionally, mattresses, blankets, and pillows are the most significant factors making allergens in your home. For example, an average-used Queen Size mattress may contain about 100,000 to 10 million dust particles and mites, which critically affect our health in the long term.

This is why it is essential to purify the air for a peaceful and healthy sleep. The meliwa air purifierscontain certified HEPA-13 4in1 filters that will remove approximately 99.97 per cent of the room’s allergens and dust particles (gases and dust), preventing them from entering their airways and allowing them to sleep that undisturbed by dirt. In addition, the air purifier keeps the air moving continuously and the room atmosphere at a favourable temperature throughout the sleeping time so that we can relax without waking up in the middle of the night.

3. Peaceful for a wonderful sleep

Why is Sleep Mode an essential feature in Bedroom Air Purifiers? Although it seems that Sleep mode is not as important a part of an air purifier as the flagship HEPA-13 filter or the activated carbon filter. However, the Sleep Mode function will be an extremely worthwhile option.

One of the factors people are often concerned about when placing an active device in the bedroom is that the operating noise badly impacts sleep.

Peaceful for a wonderful sleep

An air purifier with a super quiet sleep mode function is really great because the purifier still does the job of filtering the air but at a lower speed of sound to minimize noise. If the air purifier model has a UV lamp, such as the meliwa M50 air purifier, this unit, as well as any lights on the control panel, will be dimmed when using the “sleep mode” option. Many higher-end air purifiers are equipped with a light sensor, so when the ambient light in the bedroom gets darker, the purifier will automatically adjust to sleep mode.

Peaceful for a wonderful sleep

With the meliwa air purifier, you don’t have to suffer this noise. All models are equipped with a sleep mode. The noise level of 35dB when the machine works in sleep mode is only equivalent to the wind blowing, ensuring your sleep will be noise-free.

4. If you have kids at home?

Pediatric studies show that infants in rooms with air purifiers are less likely to get respiratory illnesses. Air purifiers help children reduce the incidence of asthma or pre-asthma. An air purifier with a sleep mode for the nursery is also ideal. Because young children spend a lot of time sleeping, super quiet sleep mode with low active power and gentle lights will help children sleep better and minimize factors that adversely affect their sleep.

If you have kids at home?

After all, we can see that an air purifier with Sleep mode is necessary for your living and resting space. Take care and improve your health through sleep to stay healthy and recharge for the next active day. Live simply, to the fullest, with meliwa products.