MELIWA air purifier M50

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Features & Compatibility


  • Filter type: PM0.3, PM1.0, PM2.5
  • Effective filtering range: 50m2
  • Maximum amount of wind blowing out 400m³/h
  • Operating power: 45W
  • Weight: 6.3 kg
  • Dust filter for the machine: 4 in 1: Pre-filter layer +
    Antibacterial filter layer + Layer Hepa 13 filter + Activated carbon
    filter layer
  • Control panel: Touch, control by phone

Technology and mode of operation:

  • Antibacterial negative ion technology
  • Bacterial UV technology
  • Laser Sensor Technology
  • Operation Mode: Sleep Mode
  • Filter level: automatic mode and 3 level adjustment

Smart and convenient features:

  • Sensor: Laser sensor
  • Connection App: Smart Life
  • Utilities:
    • Oled Display
    • Unique and luxurious design won the Reddit 2022 award
    • Child Lock
    • 7 color LED
    • Filter change warning
    • Active indicator light
    • Connect your phone via wifi

Installation information

  • Size: 316* 316* 580 mm

TOP-NOTCH Aesthetics and Functions

Elegant and classy design, Won the Reddot Award 2022, equipped with the most advanced technologies to ensure filtering and cleaning of fine dust, bacteria, mold, odors, pet furs… and great features meticulously calculated and carefully measured, Meliwa air purifier M50 will be the perfect choice for your home space.

Meliwa air purifier M50


Unique tower-shaped purifier design

Unique tower-shaped purifier design with an Aero-Dynamic operation mechanism, will bring an extremely creative lifting-and-lowering experience when turning on/off and enhance filter efficiency. This is the ideal choice for living room decoration.

Meliwa air purifier M50


Meliwa air purifier M50

MELIWA M50 uses an OLED visual display, the colors will be blacker and deeper, with higher contrast. The display quality is sharper and the display angle is also wider. In addition, OLED panels also help the device save energy.

Child Lock – “Touchpoint” in feature design

Meliwa air purifier M50

The Aero-dynamic design slides up and down when turning on/off, which may cause the toddlers to get hand-stuck. So, after 30 seconds, the device will automatically switch to Child Lock mode to ensure child safety. We can feel free to let the children play in the common space.


MELIWA air purifier M50 is also equipped with advanced technologies, providing top-notch features that perfectly match the air purification solution and more. This is the trend-leading purifier model that Meliwa wants to introduce to customers.

The top-notch comprehensive 7-step process of air purification – absolute pure atmosphere

Meliwa air purifier M50

Air passes through the air inlet, through 2 layers of pre-filter, which will keep hair, fabric, fur, and large-sized dust. Next, the antibacterial coating contains copper oxide salts and antibacterial agents, which could disrupt the nutrient supply to bacteria and prevent them from growing. At the HEPA filter layer, 99.95% of 0.3-micron particles will be blocked, ensuring a completely clean air outlet. Then, the high-quality activated carbon filter will effectively remove odor from the air, absorb formaldehyde and other harmful substances…

Moreover, the Anion and UV technology will bring the highest purifying performance and sterilization efficiency, filter out 99.99% of dust and bacteria, return your family a pure and safe atmosphere.

Meliwa air purifier M50Meliwa air purifier M50

Relax in a comfortable and safe atmosphere with your beloved pet

Meliwa air purifier M50

Are you a pet lover but having some trouble or inconvenience with furs or allergens? Don’t worry, you no longer feel uncomfortable because the meliwa air purifier M50 will help you filter out all hair, bacteria, pet dander, allergens, and odors… Return you a safe and pure atmosphere!

Laser sensor technology detects particularly dust quality

and automatically adjusts the filter rate accordingly. The Laser Sensor shows specific dust quality on the OLED visual display. You can also get real-time responsiveness with the multi-function control panel.

The device is also equipped with a filter replacement alarm on the screen and reminds users to replace the filter after 2200 hours, ensuring the most efficient operation and ensuring the life of the device.

Enjoy a night of sound sleep with 35 dB low-noise night mode

In sleep mode, the purifier operates super quiet with a noise level of only 35 dB. You will get a good night’s sleep and wake up with an extremely refreshing feeling

Meliwa air purifier M50

Life is more convenient and easier with Smart Wifi connection

Smart Wifi technology makes it easy to connect Meliwa M50 to your phone or tablet via the Smart Life app. You can monitor the air quality, control the device and get alerted to replace the filter on the mobile phone.

Meliwa air purifier M50

After-sales commitment:

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  • Product warranty 12 months nationwide.
  • 1-For-1 exchange in 30 days in the following cases:
    • The product is defective by the manufacturer
    • The product was damaged in transit

Note: Customers provide us the video from receiving goods to opening goods in case of product complaints.


  1. The product is for household use only.
  2. Read the instructions carefully to ensure safe and correct operation.
  3. Children are not allowed to use the product without adult supervision.
  4. Place the product on a clean flat surface during operation.
  5. Ensure electrical safety when using.

**Warranty Note:

  • The product is warranted for 12 months on electrical technical errors, with no warranty on peeling, scratches, broken breaks, or problems with appearance defects.
  • To ensure your shopping interests, please record a video of the opening process. This will be valuable information so that Meliwa can provide the best support in the event of an order problem.