When buying products from Meliwa, customers have the right to be completely assured of authentic products, with an official warranty at Meliwa and a free one-for-one exchange policy of up to 30 days at Meliwa.

Product TypeOne-for-One Exchange (*)Terms
Air purifier30 daysWithin 30 days from the date of receipt

(*): Hardware problem from the manufacturer

Exchange conditions:

  • Machine: intact, no scratches, no decals or decorations
  • Box: intact, not dented, torn, broken, written, drawn, wrapped with tape, glue; there is Serial/IMEI on the box that matches the body.
  • Accessories and gifts: Full, intact, not dented, scratched or damaged during use.

Manufacturer breakdown should be determined by an authorized or authorized service centre.

(*) Breakdowns from the Manufacturer are breakdowns, including breakdowns in power, electricity and internal hardware components


About authentic products, you can contact us via Hotline 1900 638569 for support on warranty.

ProductsWarranty PeriodWarranty Benefits Address
Air purifier12 months (or longer as specified by the company)Repair and replace components153 Tran Trong Cung, Tan Thuan Dong Ward, District 7, Hochiminh City, Vietnam

Warranty Conditions:


  • Damage is determined to be due to a technical defect or a manufacturer’s breakdowns.
  • The product is within the warranty period, with a warranty stamp of the distributor/manufacturer.
  • For warranty products that need the Serial number on the box: the product must have a whole package.
  • The product is not scratched, dented, broken, broken or deformed compared to the original.
  • Using the correct power source, not being penetrated by termites or insects; non-explosive, non-explosive; not oxidized by placing in a humid environment…
  • Have not interfered with the hardware (arbitrarily dismantling, repairing…).

Not Eligible:

  • Expiry of the warranty period.
  • Lost the box.
  • There is no warranty stamp of the Company/ distributor/ manufacturer, or the warranty stamp is invalid (torn, erased, repaired, blurred, unreadable, peeled/peeled…).
  • Being physically impacted, scratched, warped, cracked, or broken during use.
  • Damaged by opening, repairing, or changing the product’s structure inside.
  • Damaged, shorted, burned due to misuse, arbitrarily disassembled or installed without following the instructions for use attached to the product.
  • Damaged by insects (rats, cockroaches, ants, termites…).
  • Damaged by natural disasters, fires, floods, lightning strikes, rust, wear and tear caused by the environment.