All about air purifiers: Structure, operation, and effects

Are you concerned about indoor air quality? Air purifiers are a reliable solution to reduce dust, harmful bacteria and protect respiratory health. However, do you know when air purifiers were created and how they operate? Let’s learn all about air purifiers in the following article!

When were air purifiers created and how are they structured?

Air purifiers are specialized devices that help eliminate pollutants in the air, and protect and care for the human respiratory system. Air purifier products are increasingly modern and researched to develop many of the most advanced features and technologies today. However, few people know that they have been around for a long time before technology was developed and widely used in life.

Since the early 18th century, with the need to limit pollution levels in coal mines, the British Earl – Charles Anthony Deane introduced a helmet with air supply accessories. Then, scientists continued to improve Deane’s invention to create specialized gas masks for firefighters. In the early 1940s, a real turning point occurred in the air purification field. There, the US Atomic Energy Commission successfully developed HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) technology, initially for radiation protection in the air. By the 1950s, HEPA technology had been officially commercialized, marking a significant turning point in addressing air pollution issues.

Manfred Hammes and Klaus Hammes - The two inventors of the first air purifier with a built-in HEPA filter
Manfred Hammes and Klaus Hammes – The two inventors of the first air purifier with a built-in HEPA filter

In 1963, inspired by the above characters, two German brothers – Manfred and Klaus Hammes officially introduced the first air purifying device with integrated HEPA filters to the market. They were also the founders of Incen Air Corporation – the predecessor of IQ AIR – a corporation specializing in researching and providing the first air solutions. Thanks to HEPA technology and the development of other filtration technologies, air purifiers have become an essential solution to reduce the impact of air pollution on human health.

Depending on the level of air pollution and usage needs, current air purifier models may have different structures. However, the basic structure of an air purifier consists of the following components:

  • Motor and fan: The fan’s job is to draw air from the environment into the machine so that the filter can filter the air, and then release the clean air back out. The motor determines the level of filtration (the power of the machine).
  • Air filter system: The common types of air filters are Hepa filters, activated carbon filters, etc.
  • Machine casing: The machine casing is typically made of high-quality plastic and serves to protect the internal components from impact.

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Learn how air purifiers work and their effects on health

Air purifiers are devices used to remove particles, bacteria, and other harmful substances from the air. This device can help improve indoor air quality, reduce the negative effects of cigarette smoke, fine dust, and other pollutants. So how do air purifiers work and what are their effects on the health of users?

The operating principle of air purifiers is to filter and remove dust particles and toxins from the air in an enclosed space. Air purifiers work by pushing air through filters inside them. These filters may include HEPA filters, antibacterial filters, activated carbon filters, etc. In particular, using multi-layer filters will help remove even the smallest dust particles and bacteria as well as effectively eliminate odors.

The Meliwa air purifier uses a 4-layer HEPA-13 filter that kills 99.95% of bacteria
The Meliwa air purifier uses a 4-layer HEPA-13 filter that kills 99.95% of bacteria

As soon as the air touches the filters inside the air purifier, the dust particles and harmful substances will be absorbed and retained on the surface of the filters. When the air passes through the filters, it will be released back into the enclosed space that has been filtered cleaner. In addition, modern smart air purifiers may also have advanced technologies such as negative ion generation and UV technology to help create a healthier and cleaner air environment.

The effect of air purifiers is to remove harmful substances from the air in the room. These harmful substances can cause health problems such as headaches, difficulty breathing, and respiratory problems. Additionally, air purifiers also help reduce the negative effects of cigarette smoke, fine dust, and other pollutants on human health.

However, for the air purifier to work best, users need to pay attention to regularly replacing the filters. Replacing the filters will help the air purifier work more effectively and minimize the negative effects of pollutants.

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In summary, air purifiers are an effective solution to improve indoor air quality. With their operating principle and advanced filtering technology, air purifiers will help protect your health and provide a healthier living environment for you and your family.

Meliwa Air Purifiers: Ideal solution for Air Pollution

Meliwa air purifier trio - Ideal home air solution
Meliwa air purifier trio – Ideal home air solution

Meliwa focuses on researching and developing a range of smart air purifiers, highlighted by the premium Meliwa M20-M50-M60 air purifiers. With advanced technology and many modern features, Meliwa air purifiers will be the ideal air solution for many Vietnamese families in the face of increasing air pollution today.

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Meliwa air purifiers use a 4-in-1 HEPA-13 filter that thoroughly cleans the air with antibacterial negative ion technology and UV bacteria-killing technology up to 99.95%. In addition, Meliwa air purifiers also have a fine dust sensor feature that automatically adjusts the speed and filtration mode to save energy and convenience for users. The Meliwa air purifier trio features a smart, modern design with a unique display screen and remote control feature via an application on your phone, promising to bring a healthy and safe living space for your family.