When should the air purifier filter be changed?

To ensure that the air produced is always fresh and clean, it is essential to clean and know when to change the air purifier filter. Because the filter filters over a long period and collects a lot of dust, it will become clogged and can not continue to remove all dirt, leading to the air in your home worsening.

So “When should the air purifier filter be changed?”, “How often should it be changed?” The answer is it will depend on the level of air pollution and your usage time. However, the average will range from 6 months to 1 year. The special feature of the Meliwa air purifier is that it has an integrated filter change alarm on the device screen that warns the user to replace the filter after 2200 hours, ensuring the most efficient operation and the life of the device and help users easily monitor and change the filter element on time.

You can change the filter at home or contact a support consultant when the filter has been used for too long. Prevent the machine from not working correctly.