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Meliwa Smart Air Purifier Replacement Filter FM60 (4-Layer) – High filtration efficiency

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Features & Compatibility

Filter efficiency:


  • 215 x 215 x 256mm


  • Equipped with a 4-layer filter system for better filtration efficiency
  • The first is the pre-filter: which filters out large particles as well
    as dust and pet hair
  • The second layer is an antibacterial coating layer, which effectively
    prevents bacteria
  • The third layer is a HEPA-13 filter that filters out fine dust and
    particles of 0.3μm or more, including PM2.5,…
  • In the end, the activated carbon filter layer helps to deodorise

Average filter lifespan:

  •  After 2200h usage (6-12 months)

Connect application:

  • Smart Life


  • Meliwa

The ability to clean the air with a fast, effective speed

Meliwa Smart Air Purifier Replacement Filter (4-Layer) - High filtration efficiency

All Meliwa air purifiers are equipped with HEPA-13 4in1 filters, including Pre-filter, Anti-Bacterial, HEPA-13 Filter and Activated Carbon Filter. The perfect combination of 4 filters, the HEPA-13 4in1 filter on Meliwa’s air purifier products, will quickly bring up to 99.95% cleaning efficiency.

1. Pre-filter

The pre-filter is the outermost layer in the air purifier’s filter system, effectively handling visible dust to the eye. In addition, this filter also captures large contaminants such as cotton, hair, fabric fibres, and large fur.

The pre-filter is the first step in an efficient purifying system that removes contaminants, enhancing the filtration efficiency and durability of the rear filters.

2. Antibacterial Coating

The following filter is the antibacterial coating with copper oxide salts and antibacterial agents, which helps prevent the supply of nutrients to bacteria and other microorganisms. From there, they will not be able to continue growing and multiplying.

3. Hepa-13 filter

It is an acronym for “High-Efficiency Particulate Air” – filtering small particles with high efficiency. HEPA filter is regarded as a mechanical filter capable of particles as small as 0.3 µm at a much higher rate than any other conventional filter.

4. High-quality activated carbon

After filtering out dirt from large to microscopic sizes and bacteria, at the molecular level, there are still molecules that cause unpleasant odors and are harmful to health, such as gas and formaldehyde. The activated carbon filter layer will be the last in the HEPA-13 4in1 filter, helping to eliminate odors effectively.

Activated carbon filters are composed of tiny carbon particles. Activated carbon is so absorbent that 1 gram of this substance can have a total surface area of 500 square meters or more.

The activated carbon filter layer will help remove gases, vapors, chemicals and odor molecules. This layer is used in air purifiers to adsorb pollutants such as volatile organic compounds and smoke.

High-quality Activated Carbon

With a perfect combination of 4 filters, the HEPA-13 4in1 filter equipped with Meliwa air purifier products will provide up to 99.95% filtering efficiency. They help to protect your family’s health, especially the elderly, children and the ones suffering from respiratory disease.

The  360° design and the arrangement of layers help the filter work efficiently, and the average lifespan will last up to 12 months.

Smart connectivity

When replacing the filter with a new one, the smart wifi connection feature on smartphones via the Smart Life app resets the filter’s lifespan information. From there, users can look up the exact parameters and status of their purifiers and filters.

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