Why does the air purifier make a loud noise?

During use, the air purifier makes loud noises, making you uncomfortable in your sleep or family life. The reason why the air purifier makes a loud noise can spring from several reasons, as follows:

  • Filter mode of the machine: Depending on the operating mechanism, there will be different noise levels; when the air is alarming, the device works at a higher capacity to quickly handle dirty air. Therefore, choosing models with different operating and sleep modes is essential to avoid affecting life quality and bring a quiet and fresh space to your home.
  • The air purifier is overloaded: Using an air purifier with a capacity unsuitable for the area of ​​usable space will lead to the machine operating at overcapacity. In addition, the surrounding environment and pollution quality also directly affect the service life and quality of operation of the device.
  • Dust and dirt stick for a long time: To ensure that the air produced is always fresh and clean, it is necessary to clean and replace the air filter periodically because the filter element is an important part that directly affects the air quality, next to the filter quality of the machine. When the filter element is closed with a lot of dirt, it will lead to the air purifier making a loud noise when in use.

If your Meliwa smart air purifier has a loud noise without the above reasons, please do not hesitate to send it to our service center to be checked and supported by our technicians promptly.

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