Which brand of air purifier should I choose for the bedroom?

Choosing the right air purifier for your bedroom is important to ensure you get clean and safe air for your health. Before deciding to buy an air purifier for the bedroom, you should see what criteria you need to choose to buy an air purifier accordingly. Some of the requirements you need to consider are:

  • Practical filtering ability: pay attention to the ability to filter pollutants such as dust, fine antibacterial dust, deodorant, and smoke, …
  • Choose the right filter for the area of ​​the bedroom
  • Can the machine filter pet hair and odors (for families with pets)
  • The noise level of the device: You should choose a device with low noise that does not affect sleep
  • Price: you should consider the cost to make sure it fits your budget and your family
  • Intelligent features such as automatic, smart connection to control via smartphone, voice control…

So which brand of air purifier should I buy for the bedroom? Meliwa’s air purifiers are suitable for any room space and equipped with advanced HEPA-13 4in1 filters, antibacterial coatings, and activated carbon layers,… filter out fine dust 0.3 microns, pet hair, and effectively deodorize. The air purifiers have silent sleep mode (~35dB noise level) and intelligent functions. With prices from less than 3 million VND, this will be the optimal choice for your bedroom.