What type of air purifier should I buy?

If you’re wondering which air purifier to buy, consider several factors to make sure you choose a smart air purifier for your needs and budget based on essential criteria:

Room area: consider and estimate the size of the room that needs to be filtered to choose the right type of purifier.

  • Function: Depending on your needs, you should choose an air purifier with the appropriate function. The machine must have a HEPA filter if you need to filter fine dust. If you need to remove odors, choose a device with an activated carbon filter or antibacterial layer for anti-bacterial and virus needs.
  • Capacity: The capacity of the air purifier will affect the air purification efficiency. You should choose an air purifier with a capacity suitable for the area of the room and your needs.
  • Noise level: you should choose a machine with low noise or quiet mode to avoid affecting sleep and focus on work.
  • Brand: Should choose air purifiers from reputable brands or recommended by respectable people. Choose brands that are appreciated for product quality and warranty and after-sales service.

Here are some notes when you have questions about which air purifier to buy. However, these are some of the primary factors. Consider adding others depending on your needs and financial level.