What does an air purifier filter out?

In the current state of high pollution, air purifiers have become a product that many families are interested in because of their excellent air purification features and bringing fresh and safe air to every home. So what does an air purifier filter out?

As the name suggests, the air purifier can filter and remove dust, fine dust, odors, and mold, providing fresh and safe air for you and your beloved family.

The Meliwa air purifier is designed with an effective Hepa-13 4in1 filter that will help filter out 99.95% of dust, 0.3 micrometres of fine dust, and certain harmful bacteria and viruses. In addition to filtering the air, the air purifier can also remove unpleasant odors from household furniture, smoke, and food, … because it is equipped with an activated carbon filter. It helps keep the air clean and fresh.

Currently, we are facing an increasingly polluted air environment, and ensuring the health of each family is essential. So let our Meliwa air purifier thoroughly clean the dust and dirt in your home space.