How much is an air purifier?

Owning an air purifier is no longer a strange thing for everyone. Many brands introduce air purifiers to consumers with many different segments and features. So how much is an air purifier?

In Vietnam, with only about 1 million VND, you can own an air purifier. However, air purifiers also cost more than 20 million VND. Depending on the individual needs of an air purifier with minimal functions, advanced features, beautiful, luxurious, or simple design. Or depending on how you want to express yourself through your lifestyle with the products you are using. At Meliwa, the air purifier has a list price of 2,890,000 for the M20 series (room area 20m2), 6,490,000 for the M60 series (room area 65m2), and 6,990,000 for the M50 series (with outstanding features and design for 50m2 space).

So, with a price of less than 10 million VND, you can ultimately own an air purifier with great design and features for room spaces.