Step 1: Find the product to buy

You can visit the website to find and select the products you want to buy in several ways:

  • Use the search box above, and type the product name you want to buy (you can search by name for a product, by brand...). The website will give you the correct suggestions to choose from.
  • The website always has the hottest product suggestions available, with attractive promotions; you can also choose to see it right away without searching:
  • Using the product menu of the website: choose the type of product you want to buy
  • Then, depending on your buying needs, you can filter products by price criteria, by brand, and with a 0% instalment program...

Step 2: Order products

After choosing the product you want to buy, you proceed to place an order by:

  • Click on the BUY NOW button and proceed with the steps to purchase the product
  • Fill in the purchase information according to the steps on the website, enter the delivery information, choose the payment method that is paid on delivery or pay online (by ATM card, VISA or MasterCard) and complete the order...
  • In addition, if you have a coupon, a discount code, etc., please enter it in the order step to receive a discount by following the steps in the instructions: How to use the voucher.
  • After a successful order, meliwa will contact you to confirm and complete the procedure. In addition to the above methods, to buy products at meliwa, you can leave a comment anywhere on the website or social networking sites (with your name and phone number...) or directly chat with us. The company's consultant for advice and to order products.


  • We only accept orders when providing enough accurate information about the address and phone number. After you place an order, we will contact you again to check the info and agree on more related things.
  • Some sensitive cases: order value is too large & delivery time in the evening delivery address in the alley or may lead to danger. We will actively contact you to agree on a specific delivery time.
  • The company commits that all goods sent to you are 100% new and genuine (with the total invoice and official warranty). The risks arising during transportation (impact, moisture, accident ...) may affect the goods, so please check the goods carefully before signing for receipt. meliwa will not be responsible for the deviation of the form of the goods after you have signed for the goods.