Do air purifiers run up electric bills?

Take a practical example:

  • Meliwa M60 smart air purifier with a capacity of 50W (the maximum capacity); in the most delicate mode, its power can only be from 10W, and the average level is 25W. At the same time, if we calculate for the machine to operate at a maximum capacity of 1 day (24h), the machine consumes in total:

50W x 24 hours = 1200W (1.2kW)

If the machine operates at total capacity for one month, it will be 1.2×30 = 36kW

The retail price of electricity in Vietnam (February 23, 2023) is 1,678 VND/kW. So, up to a maximum capacity of an air purifier in Meliwa operating at total efficiency for one month will spend an estimated 60,000 VND.

Indeed we all will only max out some of the time to that extent. So does the air purifier have a lot of electricity? The answer would definitely be no! Therefore, do not be afraid of the cost of electricity, but use an air purifier to protect the health of yourself and your family.

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