Can an air purifier be used as a dehumidifier?

Some air purifiers have a dehumidifier feature to reduce moisture in the air and help keep the air in the room cleaner. However, not all air purifiers have this feature, so you need to check the specifications of each product before purchasing to make sure you choose the right air purifier for your needs.

Can an air purifier dehumidify? “Maybe”! However, it should be noted that the primary function of an air purifier is to filter the air, so even though it is equipped with a dehumidifying feature, most air purifiers will not effectively dehumidify. Therefore, most users often buy air purifiers and dehumidifiers separately, especially in high-impact areas like the North of Vietnam. In addition, in places like Ho Chi Minh City, the dehumidifying feature for air purifiers is almost “redundant” for users when spending more money for this feature. That is also why only a few air purifiers are equipped with a dehumidifying function in the Vietnam market.